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GCC folks, how can social media help your business grow?

In this age and society, social media has become a life essential.

It is rare to find people who don’t use social media these days. If you own a business, especially in Dubai (UAE), Kuwait, Saudi or other areas in the gulf (GCC), and you don’t have social media accounts for that business, then this is your sign to start working on it ASAP! Even better, find a creative agency to do so for you to guarantee your success.

Now, let me tell you how a social media account can help your business grow:

  • Reach more people and customers:

The number of people who use social media is constantly increasing, and this trend will continue in the next couple of years, according to Statista (2021)*.

Based on the data, almost half of the people in the world use social media!

So, if you own a small business in let’s say Dubai, you can use social media to raise awareness about your brand and business to begin attracting customers in other cities in the UAE at first, then other countries in the Gulf, and hopefully one day go fully global.

The majority of social media platforms allow you the option to run advertisements to reach as many people as possible, offering you, the business owner, the opportunity to get more people to know your brand.

You better hop on the train and start reaching more audiences and customers before it’s too late and you fall behind!

  • Makes your brand the people’s go-to brand:

The majority of social media users are bound to check their social media feeds a couple times during the day. If you make sure to post content that is engaging and catches the eye, people will start interacting more with your brand.

When people are ready to make a purchase or use the services of a business, they are more likely to deal with the business that comes to their mind first.

That’s why it is essential to keep your social media accounts constantly updated and to regularly post new informative and engaging content so that your brand is always on your followers’ minds.

  • Provides you with an easier method to connect with your fans and customers:

Since many people use social media, instant messaging has become the norm. Let’s face it, not everyone likes to make phone calls. If you give customers the option to ask about your services and products and connect with you via instant messaging on social media instead of calling, then you basically make their lives easier and more convenient. I would rather ask about a product online than have to hold and wait on the phone to get an answer.

The more communication methods you provide for your fans and customers, the more of them you would get.

  • Helps you know your audience better:

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more can actually provide you with data and analytics about the people that engage and interact with your account and content. There are various demographic information that you can obtain about your followers such as gender, age, location, etc. This makes your job as a business owner a lot easier.

The main challenge in starting a business is knowing who your target audience is and knowing how to reach them.

However, by using social media, you can now know who your audience is, and you can begin to tailor your products and services to meet the needs of that audience!

  • Gives you an idea of what your industry and competitors are up to:

Running a business successfully for many years can be tricky. Everything these days happens real fast. You have to be constantly aware of the market trends of your business and what your competitors are up to. Otherwise, you might begin losing customers.

With social media, you can actually monitor the pages of your competitors to see if they are launching new products that could allure your own customers, or those of industry leaders to see if there are new approaches or changes to the industry.

This gives you the opportunity to keep on top of things and not fall behind so you don’t lose customers to your competitors.

  • Advertise through influencers:

One major advantage of social media is the presence of influencers.

There are many influencers in the Gulf region from all nationalities and backgrounds who have over half a million followers each.

If you are just getting into the social media market, these influencers can be really beneficial. Reaching out to them and attempting to form a partnership where they can advertise some of your products and services can really boost your sales. These influencers usually have a huge base of followers who trust them and their opinions and words. If you succeed in finding influencers who believe in your brand, they can be your credible source to raise more awareness about your brand and attract more customers and fans.

Are you ready to level up your digital presence and begin taking advantage of social media? You know how to reach us ;)

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